Immerse yourself in the world of maximum adventure with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra from Betsoft

Immerse yourself in the world of maximum adventure with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra from Betsoft

Deep in the uncovered tombs are the fabled remains of the Sun God Ra. True to the legends, the Quest has disturbed the tomb and triggered Ra’s Wrath! Scarabs, Mummies and Gods have risen to walk the halls and guard the treasures held within.

You start off by going into a pyramid, and you will choose a character to represent you. You pick the face for that character, you give him a name, and then you enter the pyramid, in a multiplayer environment. Up to 6 players can fight the hordes of mummies. The objective of the game is to fire bullets at the targets/enemies depicted on the game screen by pointing the mouse cursor at the target and left-clicking to fire a bullet.

Every bullet fired constitutes a wager. The fired bullet will hit the targeted enemy and the bullet will either damage the enemy or not. When the enemy is damaged, an award is returned to the player. Each enemy has one or more payouts that can be awarded. In the case that the fired bullet does not strike a target, the bullet will ricochet around the screen until it hits a valid
target. If there are no targets for the bullet to hit, the bullet [wager] is returned to the player.

Common enemies generated into the game room provide prizes in a range of values, from low paying scarab enemies to much higher value Pharaoh mummies. In addition to the common enemies, players will encounter “Reborn Mummies” and “God Events”. Reborn Mummy will rise from the ashes of fallen Mummy, the more shots the Reborn Mummy takes, the bigger the chance it will pay out a prize. The maximum reward payout is 100x the cost-per-bullet! During God Events, a Pharaoh God will move through the room as the sole target for all players to destroy as a group.

Each player is given a standard weapon that is used for their purchased bullets. In addition to these standard weapons, players can earn special weapons through gameplay such as Plasma gun, Chain gun, Laser, Shotgun and Grenade.


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