Lucky Reels Raise the Bar

Lucky Reels Raise the Bar

The classic element comes from the fact that the game starts off over three reels, which are packed with the kind of symbols that even the most veteran players will remember fondly, including a variety of coloured sevens, bars and much more.

The loose Oriental theme serves to set the scene without being overbearing and the winning possibilities keep on coming. The key aspect of the game that brings it bang up to date is the availability of two further reels which come into play depending on your bet size. It’s not a traditional five reels by any stretch, but it’s certainly unique, with the instant win reel and multiplier reel both coming into play. They both do exactly what they say on the tin, with the former containing additional credits and the latter including a multiplier that can reach up to ten times on applicable prizes.

Special Features:

  • Symbols: You will find the logo of the game at the first three main reels. These symbols include: three BAR stripes, mah-jong dice, colorful sevens, and hieroglyphs. You can use the seven and BAR to make a combination that is paid in any quantity.
  • Bonus Games: Bonus rounds are not provided for by the rules of this game.
  • Multiplier: The multiplier symbols are the ones that will multiply all your winning amounts by x2, x5, and x10.
  • Jackpots: There is a progressive jackpot that increases with the amount of bet in the game. With fifteen coins, you can get to play for the jackpot in Super Lucky Reels slot.
  • Reels: The 4th reel is presented with a green background, and the 5th is pink, and the control buttons all have a different color.
  • Interface: The Super Lucky Reels slot game is user-friendly and convenient.

Although the Super Lucky Reels comes with an integrated interface, it has easy winning combinations. Those who like uncommon video slots will find this game entertaining to play. The addition of the 4th and 5th reels will be an amazing feature for some players, while the others players will evaluate the possibility to win a progressive Jackpot.

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