Gaming Platform

The BlueOcean Gaming platform and casino management offers to operators the possibility to manage and monitor all the gaming activities. The gaming platform is flexible, customizable and open to third-party game integrations via API protocol. The platform consists of admin and front end, which enable the operator to fully manage the online casino, from player registration, payments, bonuses to marketing and beyond. With our exclusive gaming management control panel, you can monitor and optimize all your activities increasing the productivity of your staff and the value of your players. The CRM is designed specifically to manage gaming operations and to deliver high-quality services to your players based on the real time results that they produce.

BlueOcean Gaming has built a proprietary gaming platform designed to allow new and existing operators rapid launch of multi-language, multi-currency gaming brands across multiple platforms and devices, including mobile, tablets. Our turnkey solution is a result of work and experience of gaming and IT professionals. In essence, we can provide everything but the players. We offer turnkey solution for any online operator. You can target your players, give the benefits in real time to the right players and optimize your marketing budget just monitoring the results of the gaming platform. All the operations can be made on a friendly easy to use interface, fully compatible with desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices.

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