Live And 3D Poker

BlueOcean Gaming offers one of the first 3D poker in the online casino industry. DBG limited developed fully immersive 3D graphics and some of the most realistic game play. Playing poker against real poker players from around the world all with their fully customizable 3D avatars. Our poker room is one of the most advanced in the online casino industry. Infinite character customisation, incredible 3D environment. DBG said: “Poker is the main attraction for our players. We are the first who developed a 3D Poker in the online market. We want to keep growing in this field and offer to our players the best satisfaction ever. We believe in the way we created the social poker as a community where poker players meet even from different corners of the world. We offer our players the opportunity to pick their own avatar from a wide range of choices and have a real poker feeling”.

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